What is No Pooing?

 No pooing is a new trend that is taking the curly hair market by storm! Washing your hair when its curly can be a workout for sure. The tangles, frizz and the styling can be overwhelming and cause you to bust out that messy bun for the fourth time this week. No pooing has been known to change lives… seriously!

No pooing means that you literally do not wash your hair. WHAT? Yhat seems a bit strange, maybe even dirty. Well you’re still going to cleanse your hair, but not with traditional shampoo! Most people don’t know how shampoo actually works, but it uses a tad bit of science to remove dirt and oil from your hair. For years we think of bubbles and we think clean, but actually the bubbles have nothing to do with the cleansing of the hair. It’s actually the Ph of the shampoo that causes the hair follicle to open and allows the water to remove the dirt. The bubbles actually do nothing but dry out your hair and can actually be harmful.

Curly hair loves moisture so why are we constantly stripping it? What we really need to do is keep it clean and well moisturized. By removing the bubbles from shampoo and allowing a gentle cleanse to happen curly hair has been transformed!

How to No Poo?

The first thing you’re going to want to do is find your self some no poo!

We carry a few different brands and each line has their own version of a non lathering shampoo aka No poo. Redken Curvaceous No Foam cleanser, Devacurl No poo and Ag Cleansing Cream.

Personally our favourite is the original Devacurl.  We can not keep the DevaCurl on our shelves! Not only do they have no poo but they are one of the only hair care lines to commit to the curly hair crowd! Everything they sell is exclusively for curls!

Once you have chosen the no poo of your dreams you need to make a commitment! Use it for at least one month exclusively for best results. It’s going to seem a bit strange to wash your hair without any lather, just trust the process. You need to apply a generous amount of DevaCurl when you first start using it, remember your hair has been stripped with regular shampoo for so long, it’s thirsty! After wetting and applying the no poo make sure to rub it in,  this mechanically removes and dirt or debris from your hair. Now pay attention the hard part is coming when rinsing you need to rub it out!  That is it you have successfully no pooed! It really wasn’t that scary now was it? Follow with an amazing curly haired conditioner my ultimate favorite is Devacurl one condition!