Welcome Back to Weddings – Changes We’ve Noticed

The last year has changed the ways of weddings. The pandemic has pushed many of us towards smaller, more intimate gatherings. I think it has truly shown light on what our priorities are when it comes to our weddings.

Through the pandemic, we saw a few small elopements and now that weddings are happening once again, every summer weekend is booked with bridal hair. Although larger weddings are back we are still seeing the same trends in the hair.

Most brides seem to be sticking to the more simple looks rather than the extra glam updos that we are so used to.

Hollywood Curls

This trend is very similar to the iconic Hollywood curls and we are here for it! Big curls are everything right now and something about it looks so glamourous while being such an easy style to achieve. If you feel like you need a little extra sparkle, add a detailed hair pin, you can never go wrong with that!

Sleek Glam

Sleek glam is a popular look this year and Ariana Grande is a great example. The half up half down style has been a part of Ari’s signature aesthetic for as long as I can remember which is why everyone loved to see her wear it at her wedding earlier this year. It showed her sticking to her true self on her big day which is what many brides have been going for lately! The smoothed, half up half down style is truly iconic and suits everyone.

Low Buns are Winning!

The trend of low buns is finally back. High updos have been thriving for years now and although we love them, I am so excited to see low buns getting the apprectiation they deserve. Giving such an effortless look low buns suit everyone and very easy to achieve, even for those with shorter hair!

To sum things up, simplicity and being true to yourself seems to be the trend in 2021. Stick to what your comfortable in, let your natural beauty shine and focus on the moment, not necessarily the small beauty details. However, if you’re looking for that big princess updo, we’re still more than happy to help!


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