Adding Bright Fun Colours to Spice Up Your Look

Lately, it feels like all the days are blending together and there’s never much to look forward to.We’ve found one of our favourite ways to cope is spicing up our look and our clients have been enjoying this method too! There are so many new looks you can try out or new trends to join. Something we’ve noticed our clients have been into is bright, fun colours!


There’s different ways you can add a fun colour to your look. A popular look lately has been the bright punky colours hidden in the bottom layer of your hair. I think this one honestly may have blown up as a new Tik Tok trend but it’s seriously so cute and such a subtle way to change things up.

Another great look we have been loving is this pop of blue’s Mary added to her clients hair. The way it’s blended in with her light pieces is just so beautiful. Mary is our pro when it comes to fun colours. She loves to bring something exciting to her clients looks.

If you’re someone who is a little unsure about a new colour but still tempted to try it out, we always carry color washes. Celeb Luxury Viral Color Washes come in a huge range of different shades that work as a shampoo while depositing color in your hair leaving you with a whole new look! The colour won’t last forever and will eventually fade back to your previous colour. They work best on blonde/light hair. Colour washes are also highly recommended for those of you with bright colours in your hair and don’t want it to fade out too quickly. They will help to keep it fresh!


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