Something that many people don’t know is that the hair brush you use can make a big difference in your hair’s health. Depending on your hair type and hair maintenance, you might be using the wrong hair brush.

First I’d like to remind everyone that while your hair is wet it is at its most fragile state especially for already damaged or compromised hair such as previously lightened hair. For this I would suggest using a Wet Brush. Their brushes are designed with especially gentle bristles that prevent your hair from snapping when it’s wet.

For hair that feels dry on the ends I would suggest using a boar bristle brush. What this will do is absorb and distribute your natural hair oil from the root down to your ends where the natural oils are needed.

For anyone with flat hair that lacks movement a round brush is best to add volume at the root. Not only will this give you volume but this will actually keep your hair clean for longer as your hair won’t be sitting flat on your oily scalp.

If you struggle with using a round brush and blow drier at the same time like most of us do there are now hot air brushes available at The Rainbow Room that are a combined blow dryer and a round brush to make it easier for you to have beautiful salon hair at home!


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