Do you have dry, damaged, color treated hair? If the answer is yes, then using a mask at home is what you need! Doing a mask at home will help revive and treat your hair over a period of time. Our stylists always recommend using masks at home, in between appointments. Often if someone has damaged hair and wants to do a color that will damage it more or even cause the hair to break off, our stylists will recommend that they use mask treatments at home to repair the hair enough so they can achieve the look the client is wanting. A common misconception is to apply a mask after shampooing and conditioning, it’s actually best to between shampooing and conditioning!

First step is to shampoo, this removes any build up or impurities.

Second step is to apply the mask, applying the mask before the conditioner allows the mask to do the correcting.

The third and final step is to condition, this seals all the benefits from the mask into your hair!

One of our stylists favourite mask is Evo Mane Attention Protein Treatment. This mask only stays on for 5 minutes! This mask helps repair damaged, dry, frizzled hair by adding softness and shine, reduces frizz and detangle hair! It’s a game changer!