Lash lifts curl your natural lashes without damaging them!  The process takes about and hour and 15 minutes. We first cleanse the lashes to make sure there is no mascara or debris on the lashes.  Then, we apply hydrogel pads under the eyes to isolate them from the bottom eyelashes. After, we apply a rod depending on how long the natural lashes are, the rod is applied on the eyelid with an adhesive. Then, we pull the lashes upwards on the rod and use an adhesive to keep the lashes on the rod.  We apply the first solution and let it rest on the lashes, we keep it there for a few minutes or a bit longer depending on how thick or thin the natural lashes are. Then we apply saran wrap over the eyes and then a hot towel. After, we remove the product and apply the setting solution. The setting solution stays on for a few more minutes but could be longer, depending on the thickness of the lashes are. Then, we apply saran wrap over the eyes. The product is then removed and depending if you are wanting a tint or not. The tint stays on between 5-10 mins. After, it is removed and we apply a nourishing oil and remove the eyelashes from the rod and then the rod.It lasts up to 6-12 weeks depending on each person. The pros of lash lifting is, it is maintenance free, it enhances your natural lashes, no irritation, it looks natural and gives the lashes a longer and fuller look. The cons are if the lashes are too short then it will not be lifted as much and will not look as full and long. Therefore, we recommend to clients who have shorter lashes to get eyelash extensions. The aftercare is not to wash your lashes for 24 hours.