Why we recommend waxing over shaving.

Waxing works from your hairs root meaning it completely removes the hair follicle from the skin, which will cause the hair to grow back a lot slower than it would if you shaved. Waxing every couple weeks, depending on the person and their hair growth, in a cycle will thin out the hair follicle more and more every time it is waxed.  Another thing many people hate about shaving is the razor burn or bumps, with waxing rashes rarely appear. A lot of estheticians recommend waxing for people with sensitive skin because it won’t cause as much irritation as shaving.

Something to keep in mind when getting waxed is the after care, we recommend exfoliating in the shower. Exfoliate 2-3 days after the appointment. This will remove any build up skin cells and prevent any ingrown hairs.