After care of lash extensions is critical for the retention of your lashes. Lash extension glue will break down from oil, this includes your natural skin oils, oil based products and silicone. We recommend cleansing your lashes after your skincare routine, this ensures that none of your skin care products remain on the lashes, breaking down the glue.

Cleansing your lashes not only ensures you remove oil residue but it also prevents build up of skin in the lashes, and bacteria that could cause infections.

We recommend using an oil free lash shampoo or baby shampoo to cleanse your lashes a few times every day. Especially before bed as that’s when the most oil will be sitting on the bonds of the lashes. We also carry lash cleansing brushes to help gently brush away the debris along the lash line. Many people like to blow dry their lashes on a low setting after washing to help fluff them up and to straighten out any stray lashes.

DO NOT WEAR MASCARA! The whole point of lash extensions is to get rid of the need for mascara. Even if it says “mascara for extensions”, DO NOT use it. It is almost virtually impossible to get rid of the mascara off the extensions. They create build up and will ruin your lash extensions by breaking down the glue. Many makeup products are made with silicone and oil, such as primer and eye liner. Try to choose products that do not have these ingredients. We recommend using the felt tip liners to our clients instead of the greasy pencil liners.