What head lice looks like on dark hair

What Does Head Lice Look Like?

It’s not likely you will find critters crawling all over your childs head. Usually when searching for lice you will be able to see the nits. Nits are the egg sac of the head lice they look similar to dandruff as they are clear/milky flakes. Unlike dandruff they will not move from the hair. A good test is to grab the nit and try to slide it down the hair, if it won”t budge it’s a good indication that it’s nits.

how to prevent head lice this is the life cycle of head lice to help your idetify and treat headlice

Life Cycle of Nits

Did you find out your child has lice right away? Awesome! That means you have a better chance of getting rid of them before they have mutiplied. You want to treat the lice before the first stage of nits have had time to hatch. Early detection is key, the best prevention tool is frequent checks. Make a habit of checking daily, take special care to check after school and sleep overs.

Prevention Shampoo

What if your child could repel lice? Well they can, nurses in the United States created an amazing product called Ladibugs! It’s all natural and it repels lice. We carry three main products to help repel lice shampoo, conditioner and a leave-in spray.

We also carry a chemical free alternative to completely eliminate lice infestations. The best part about the lice elimination kit is the mouse, the mouse loosens the nits and makes removing them a breeze!

how to prevent head lice