Vancouver fashion week happens two times a year! Once in the spring and once in the fall!

This year it was  october from monday october 7th to the 13th. 

As a recent transplant to the coast and the rainbow room I (Elyssa) am so excited to share my experience! Our leads this year  Ken Kozuki and Jamie Price were amazing in keeping us motivated and on task! They were also very good at breaking down the looks the designers wanted! 

Working backstage in a fasted paced environment has always been a dream of mine! Its go go go till we are done and I love every moment! The only other time I’ve felt the  same synchronicity is singing in choirs or performing with a band . Those magical moments that everyone is on the same page and things are flowing effortlessly! Being a part of a collective of such amazing hairdressers is an experience like no other.  With the support from our great lead stylists to the help of other talented team members we all work together to give the designers the best hair to showcase their amazing designs. 

From those sleek ponytails that let the designers outfits shine, to the edgy hair looks, all the way to the whimsical  fairy hair that looks like they slept overnight in a field, got up and walked right onto the runway! The creativity from designers is amazing and stylists we love to make those perfect looks become reality! 

We start off everyday doing a quick rundown of the looks to make sure everyone is on the right page and has the right tools to complete the looks. We all work as one big team to start and then we send down a few team members to be the backstage hair team. Giving those final sprays and putting that last bobby pin into place right before the models hit the runway

Redken sponsors VFW with all of Redken’s fantastic styling products we make all the runway looks flawless! 

Gut 10 volume spray foam is a must! Locking in that smooth texture and volume! The prefect building block for any runway look!

Fashion works 12 is an amazing versatile spray! Maximum control with 24 hours humidity control and up to 8 hours of hold! 

Quick dry 18 is just that a quick drying hairspray. The perfect finishing touch to any of those models just about to walk to runway! A firm hold with a good amount of natural shine! Layer this baby for additional control.

Triple take 32 is extreme hold! Triple mist diffusion system surrounds each hair stand for brilliant hold and freezes your style right into place! We even had a neutralizing version of this amazing hair spray!

Shine flash 02 is a great product to add that extra shine and in a pinch it will actually break down the crunchy hair spray we spray to slick those pony tales and hair wraps around ponytails. Great for those quick style changes.

This year was so amazing and I can’t wait to go back for the spring season next year!  And hopefully next season i can get a few of my fellow stylist to join in on the fun 🙂