The Ultimate Repairing Routine for Damaged Hair

Meet Redken’s most concentrated haircare line ever. The Acidic Bonding Concentrate is a total for damaged and dry hair that is in need of ultimate strength repair, intense conditioning, and protection from further heat damage. This line is perfect for all hair types and textures which is what makes it our top recomendation for all guests in our salon.

Where did Redken get the name Acidic Bonding Concentrate?

ACIDIC: complement the hair’s ideal PH

BONDING: reinforce weakened bonds

CONCENTRATE: powerful haircare with a concentrated formula

The shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment are going to give you instant results of healthy shiny hair. This line will restore your weakend hair bonds, and you’ll see 56% less breakage, 82% less visible split ends, and 11x smoother hair.


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