Are Eyelash Extensions for You?

Application Process

Lash extensions are placed to each natural eyelash 1-2 mm away from the eyelid, the placement of extensions is super important because if placed wrongly, it can stunt the growth of your lashes, which will damage the hair follicle. 

Here at the salon, we carry a wide variety of faux eyelashes. We personally customize our handmade fans with the right weight and diameter to make sure we don’t cause any stress to your natural lashes. 

Each eyelash is isolated very carefully from one another, and we always making sure none of them get stuck together. Having eyelashes glued together will cause irritation, which is something nobody wants. Your lashes should feel fluffy and weightless, and if they don’t, you should consult with your lash technician and see about getting a removal. 

Your appointment will occur for about 2.5 to 3 hours depending on the style of lashes you get. If you are getting volume lashes, your appointment should never be less than 2.5 hours long. Applying and making fans takes time, always make sure your lash technician is fully certified and understands the importance of patients. 


After Care

Getting your eyelashes done isn’t just all up to your lash technician. After care plays a huge roll in the state of your extensions, as well as your natural lashes. Did you know the reason our bodies grow eyelashes is to prevent bacteria from growing in your eyes? Lash Extensions do the same job. 

48 hours prior to your appointment you want to avoid getting water near your extensions. The adhesive needs time to cure.

At the salon we sell a lash shampoo that is free of parabens, fragrance, and any other unnecessary additives. Lash shampoo should be used every 3 days to remove any excess makeup, dirt, and oils. If you avoid washing your lashes it will cause them to build up bacteria, causing them to fall out quickly and could even cause infection to the naked eye. Crying/tears will also cause the adhesive to break down if you dont wash and brush them out after. 


In Conclusion

Here at the Rainbow Room we go the extra mile with training to ensure our technicians know the risks and how to avoid them and also problem solve them. Applying lash extensions is a tedious procedure that takes patience and also skill. We are all fully certified and are able to create many different styles personally customized for your lashes.