Why We Should Wear Sunscreen Everyday

We all know that sunscreen is a necessity for summer days spent at the beach. SPF works to protect our skin from the suns UV rays. It shields us and helps to prevent sun damage, wrinkles and even skin cancer. 

Although it’s an obvious staple product for the hot days we spend outside… did you know that sunscreen is actually something we should be wearing every day?

There are many different situations where you should be wearing sunscreen that may come as a surprise. Here’s a few:

1. Winter

Yes. Thats right, even in the winter! Although it’s cold and we don’t “feel” the sun on our skin as much, the ozone layer is actually thinner in the winter.  The ozone layer protects us from the sun but during the colder months, the UV rays actually have an easier time getting through to damage our skin.

2. Indoors

Another big shock for most of us here but UVA (one type of UV rays) can actually penetrate through windows like it’s no big deal! So even on the days you are hiding away from the world, the sun can still harm your skin.

3. Cloudy Days

Many people already know this one but 80% of the sun’s UV rays are not stopped by clouds. The ultraviolet rays are still getting through even when its raining!

Our Top SPF Products:

It’s no secret that we are huge fan of Eminence Organic’s skincare products. However, their mineral SPF moisturizers are just unbeatable!

The Red Currant Protective Moisturizer has an SPF of 40! It is mattifying moisturizer that uses the Youth Shield Antioxidant Complex to not only shield you from the sun but also early signs of aging. 

The Bright Skin Moisturizer also has an SPF of 40. This moisturizer is the perfect daily moisturizer. It uses Natural Hydroquinone Alternative to target the appearance of dark spots and protect the skin from any UV Rays.

Eminence has a large range of SPF products and many other skincare items. While we carry the top sellers here at the salon, you can find all their products on their website.


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