Combatting Mascne

We’re doing our best to stay safe these days by masking up and wearing face coverings while at work or out and about. We are thankful for these masks protecting us but for some of us, they are also causing our skin to suffer. 


However, there are some remedies out there to help us control the acne under our masks. 

My first recomendation is to a skincare routine that includes products that target acne and is meant for acne prone skin.

If you’re someone who had been dealing with acne prior to the masks your skin may lay on the more oily side. If thats the case, it’s key to find products that won’t over hydrate your skin. Any products that are oil free will be perfect.

If you lay on the drier side, it can be a little harder to find products that will combat acne on your skin. As most acne products are drying, you could end up with drier skin than before. What I recomend for this is something “purifying” and go for a product that alcohol free.

We carry the Clear Skin line from Eminence Organics that is amazing on oily/problem skin types. The Clear skin line is a best seller with our clients! Eminence also carries skincare for every other skin type out there. You can shop all the collections here:


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