Best Purple Shampoos and Why They Work

     Going blonde is a commitment and we know the up keep can be hard. Our platinum blonde clients want to stay away from those brassy tones and most of them don’t have the time to be coming in to have their hair re-toned every few weeks. Thankfully there are plenty of purple shampoos out there for them to use in the meantime. These all help to tone out the brassiness as purple is opposite of yellow on the colour wheel. After trying out many different brands we’ve decided which are the top 5 in our salon.

  1. Evo Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Toning Shampoo

This shampoo is number one for a reason. It’s extremely pigmented and far from drying unlike many other purple shampoos out there. It’s full of nourishing ingredients that not only soften the hair but strengthen it as well. Another a bonus about the Evo Fabuloso shampoo is that there is a platinum conditioner in this line as well.

 2. Redken Color Extend Blondage Shampoo

This has been one of our favourites for a while and the one we use on our clients the most. Similar to the Evo shampoo, it’s very pigmented. However, this product uses a Triple Acid Protein Complex to heal damaged hair while toning down the yellow. The best part about this shampoo is that it is effective while being at a lower price point. 

   3. L’anza Silver Brightening Shampoo

One of our best sellers and another one of the most used in the salon. The L’anza Silver Brightening Shampoo uses a healing complex to treat hair that has been damaged from bleaching and uses natural ingredients like viola and lavender to tone. This shampoo is definitely a favourite of ours and our blonde clients.

  4. Milkshake Silver Shine Shampoo

If you’ve already looked into purple shampoos you have probably heard about the Milkshake Silver Shine Shampoo. This one is exceptionally popular and one that everyone seems to love.  This shampoo is infused with milk proteins that work to reconstruct your hair and uses blueberries and other purple pigments to tone. Although this isn’t a shampoo we use on our clients too often, it is a best seller at our salon!

   5. Nook No Yellow Shampoo

The last shampoo on our list is actually fairly new to our salon but so far it has proved to be one of the best.  It is made with goji water and organic red grape seed oil that makes this shampoo the best smelling one yet!  Not only does this shampoo smell incredible but it’s also known to prevent aging in the hair.  Lastly, the Nook No Yellow Shampoo comes out of the bottle a deep purple colour making it clear that this shampoo works well to get rid of the yellow/brassy tones.


Purple shampoos are actually formulated with a ph that opens the hair cuticle and allows minerals to be removed as well as adds tone. This means that if you are really wanting to achieve that white blonde look, it’s best to follow with a purple conditioner after shampooing.


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