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Top 10 tips for wedding hair and make-up


Are you getting married on the Sunshine Coast British Columbia in 2017? If so be sure to check out these tips on having perfect hair and make-up!

10. Drink Water

Dehydrated skin can make your make up look crusty and flakey, I doubt thats the debut your looking for on your wedding day! If your not drinking enough water, start now! Like right now get up and get your self a glass while your reading this!

9. Skip the scalp massage

Doesn’t a relaxing massage the morning of your wedding day sound amazing? Every bride gets a little stressed and needs some time to relax before they walk down the isle. Get the body massage but SKIP the scalp massage oil is extremely hard to remove from the hair and it makes it near impossible to create the volume and softness most brides are looking for!

8. Bring photos

Don’t you love pinterest! Trying to describe the perfect smokey eye can be imposible so leave the guess work out of it! Do your reserach and have a few styles saved to a secret board to show your stylist and makeup artist. Heres a link to our pinterst board for some inspiration!

7. Preperation is everything 

Make sure your hair is clean and dry. We recommend our brides to wash the day before the wedding and to come in with 100% dry hair. In order to create lasting styles we need to have little to no humidity in the hair. Even after a fresh blow dry the hair will still hold onto 10% moisture, which could cause frizz or even make your curls fall halfway thru the day.

Dont forget to Prep your face! Makeup sits best on the skin when its freshly washed and moisturized. Please note this is not the time to try a new face mask, or skin care regimen (this could cause unwanted breakouts).

6. Plan your colour

Getting a new colour right before your wedding day is not the best idea! But you do want to make sure that the colour placement that you have fits with the style of updo your choosing. If your highlights are only on the top section of hair and your wanting a half upstyle it could look a lttile weird from the back. Find a colour specialist that you can commit too to help you achive your hair goals it may take a few appointments to get the colour perfect!

5. Get a brow shaping

Make sure your brows are perfectly ached! Stray hairs dont allow the shadow to blend properly and can cause an uneven apperance. This being said dont try waxing for the first time the day before your wedding, start at least a couple months and stay loyal to your brow person! You wouldnt want a surprise reaction or odd shape for your wedding day.

4. Keep it classy

Some of the trends right now range from dark blackberry lips, blue eyebrows and unicorn rainbow hair! Although being in trend is important we recommend keeping it classic and neutral. Your wedding photos last a lifetime and you will regret having unicorn hair just like the 80’s regrets their puffy slevees, and oviously their poodle puf bangs!

3. Find your perfect shade

There are thousands and thousands of different lip shades each company has at least 40-50 different colours. If you know what looks best on you I recommend purchasing a tube of it for your wedding day. It takes out the guess work and allows for touch ups later!

2. Get lashes!

Having a beautiful set of lashes helps open your eyes and will complete your make-up. You dont need to have individual lashes applied although they are perfect for the destination honeymoon! You can also opt for false lashes just for the day!

1. Start a skin care Regime ASAP!

Don’t think getting a last minute facial is going to solve all your skin care troubles. There is only so much you can do in one appoinment estheticians are not magicians! Although given the right time and commitment we can get you the flawless skin of your dreams. Also getting a last minute facial may become a skin disaster if your skin is congested getting a facial is just going to bring out all thoes pimples and blemishes that hide under the skin!

If you want flawless make up, the better the pallet (your skin), the better and smoother the application!