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To poo or not to poo!

What is no pooing? No pooing is a new trend that is taking the curly hair market by storm! Washing your hair when its curly can be a workout for sure. The tangles, frizz and the styling can be overwhelming and cause you to bust out that messy bun for the...
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How to prevent lice!

What does head lice look like? Its not likely you will find critters crawling all over your childs head. Usually when searching for lice you will be able to see the nits. Nits are the egg sac of the head lice they look similar to dandruff as they are clear milky...
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10 tips for bridal hair and make-up

Top 10 tips for wedding hair and make-up   Are you getting married on the Sunshine Coast British Columbia in 2017? If so be sure to check out these tips on having perfect hair and make-up! 10. Drink Water Dehydrated skin...
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What the heck is Balayage?

Balayage is a hair painting technique for soft subtle hi-lights. For years blonds have struggled with roots and foil lines and have been yearning for a low maintainence option. while balayage isn't a new technique it has become a popular trend on the Sunshine Coast!...
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The difference between volume and classic lash extensions!

Volume lash extensions are the hottest trend in the beauty business. Traditionally eyelash extensions consist of one lash individually glued to each of your natural lashes, with volume lashes we use thinner lashes and add more to each lash. Lashes are hand picked for...
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